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Reply. I either have a white haired head on, or a brown haired head with glasses! (Brown was edited by me, supposed to be me).


Gif/animated will have black back grounds click them to see their animations.

. Graal online Era. Soooooooooo here’s a simple edit to celebrate 100k.


. Bridal Princess Dress. bubblegum remix collection.

. yay or nay.



. Everyone knows the upload that I use and I have already seen several people in graal with it, it is very annoying, I do not care if they use the head since it is from lauv gfx but the body I have modified and it is obvious that I infile it.

If the background is white set transperacy when you upload. April 15, 2020 Leave a comment.

Season 1 - Elf Season 2 - Hair Cat Season 3 - Korean Season 4 - Jack Tuft Boy Season 5 - Gothic and Stylish Season 6 - Some Kawaiis Season 7 - Dylan Thierry.
Here are four gown bodies! A green, red, purple and rotting/decaying gown all for whatever mood your in! These bodies were just edits and recolours of the original default dress.


Male Heads.

cc. . 0 14 December 2021 Fla Credits to Nehra for the hairs, RSakura for the extensions and macxhi for the body! Graal Upload select *male head* from “uploads” 12 November 2021 Fla Credits to MellowGfx and.

That’s it from me see yall. Yuki Cross’s earliest memory is of being attacked by a vampire and being saved by Kaname Kuran, who is also a vampire. wordpress. Graal online Era. Rene owo.


. Head & body uploads for everyone.

If the body has no background dont set transperacy.

Miyabi's Gfx.

Rene owo.

I know some of you guys been dying or begging me to make a.

lyviagfx says:.